Hohl's Farm Supply does accept debit and credit cards; however, to keep costs down, we do charge a $2 fee up to $100 purchase and 3% over $100 purchase. We also accept checks, with proper identification,  and cash.

Stock Feeds

We make our own stock feeds. We also have the ability to custom mix feeds on site. If you would like a price quote on your own mix, please contact the office for a price quote.

Pet Foods

We carry Loyall Dog and Diamond  Cat food, as well as Rabbit and Llama/Alpaca feed. We also carry a wide variety of bird seeds.

Food Plot Seeds

Hohl's is your one stop source for all of your food plot needs. We can also assist with: Soil Analysis, Fertilizer, Custom Seed Blends and Chemical Recommendations.  


We handle a wide selection of chemicals; herbicides, pesticides and fungicides for both farm and home use.

Our Products    -      608-356-3195

Printable Bird Attraction Brochure:Features Bird Identification, preferred feeds and feeders.





“When I put Hohl’s Premium Bird seed in my bird feeder, all of my birds are smiling!” ~ Harry Sheeks,  2/17/16

LP Tanks

You get to keep your own tank! Hohl's can fill any tanks from 10-100 lbs.  

Crop Seeds          JUNG Discount

Jung's has been in the seed industry for  over 100 years. They are our main supplier of Roundup Ready corn and soybeans.  Lacrosse Seed is our main supplier of Cover Crops.

Jung Availability:    Corn     Soybeans   

Lawn Seed

LaCrosse Seed is our source for  turf seeds. We carry Hohl's brand mixes to accommodate, sun, shade, mixture and erosion control.


We offer custom fertilizer blending for fields and we also carry a wide variety of bagged Farm and Lawn Fertilizers.


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